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6 Steps to Success in Teaching with Technology

A technological tidal wave has arrived at today's schools, revolutionizing how teachers teach and students learn. Computers, cell phones, digital whiteboards,  mini-laptops, student response systems, projectors, the Internet, I-pods, software, and e-mail are all available to front-line teachers and students. Utilizing these new tools is rewarding for educators and empowering for students.

If you're a teacher who wants to incorporate technology in your classroom, then 6 Steps to Success in Teaching with Technology will show you how. Award-winning teacher Lucas Kent experienced first hand the joy and excitement of using these amazing tools with his students. In his easy-to-follow guide, Lucas lays down a path for even the most non-technology inclined teacher to follow.

His six simple steps include: Understand Why, Adapt, Plan, Do Your Homework, Implement Effectively and Keep Up to Date. Kent also includes helpful tips, his own classroom experiences, and a glossary of teaching with technology terms to help you begin this new and exciting process. Let's face it-our world is changing. It's time to learn, adapt, and embrace teaching with technology!

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